26 October 2011

Empress - Karen Miller

I finished this in my first week at university, almost 4 weeks ago now. This book captivated me to start with. The character Hekat was someone who emotionally you felt for to start with.

However she gets hurt and becomes bitter.

She becomes cruel.

She was a character I loved at the start of the book but loathed by the end of it. I think that in itself speaks volumes about this book. About the quality of the writing. To feel two such strong and such polar emotions about the same character.

Her sons were also somewhat a revelation. Her oldest is someone I would admire, but at the same time pity. Her youngest I pity, but he becomes too much like his mother.

The priest Vortka was my favourite character throughout the book.
I look forward to reading the sequels, but they're gonna wait for a little while.


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