6 December 2012

Girls in Pants - Ann Brashares

Girls in pants wasn't really what I'd come to expect from the sisterhood books. It comes I think from the girls all preparing to leave for the year. There was some kind of sense of expectation which wasn't really present in the precious two. It was a big book of love, the more romantic love.

Carmen becomes a big sister! and actually falls in love!!!! It has to be my favourite Carmen story this far into the series. She seemed more like a real person with actual areas to her character in this book, while in the other stories she'd just been angst in human form. 

Tibby got her act together and saw something in Brian, I think it's something she'd unconsciously seen in him since she first knew him, but in this book she put it out there. And y'know what he's nuts about her too! This actually made me really happy as I'd been rooting for them for a while.

Bridget is on her first summer back as happy-times Bridget after the journey of self discovery she went on in book 2. She's back at Soccer Camp too, but this time as an instructor rather than a camper. Guess who she sees? Eric! The guy she slept with in the first book leading to her downward spiral, problem is he has a girlfriend now. Having said that he actually does love Bridget and ends up leaving his girlfriend to be with her! Happy Times!

In fact the only one of the four girls who doesn't get a happily ever after in this book is Lena. This kind of disappointed me as she's my favourite character, the one I can best relate to, but she isn't over Kostos, and she did get the only happy ending of the first book. Fair's fair right? I actually do like her story for this book though, she learns a lot about herself, and her relationships with her nearest and dearest by trying to look in rather than out. 

So all in all a good book, with some much anticipated storylines resurfacing. I would say read it!


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