23 June 2012

Man of Iron - Catherine George

I liked the simplicity of this story. It followed the same basic principle of story-line as most Mills and Boon books; Man meets woman; they don't get on; they fall in love; there's a misunderstanding; everything is resolved and they can now live happily ever after! 

However because it was written in the 1980's rather than the present the norm is a little bit different. The people are a little more straight-laced and so they don't jump into bed hours after meeting one another. I liked it, it was refreshing.

I also liked that although the characters didn't get on to start with they weren't totally wrong together, you could still see how they could fit. It made the romance much more believable. 

The only thing I got a bit cross about was Jaime finding it possible that Antonia who so obviously liked him would then betray him for someone like her father who was clearly a very different person!

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Hope you've enjoyed what you've been reading.



  1. Ooh, going old school! Nice! I always like when there's a bit of tension between the characters--when they really don't like each other. Adds spice. *Cheers!*

    1. It does tend to lead to a different kind of relationship when they don't like each other :P