16 December 2011

A Feast For Crows - George.R.R.Martin

This is the last of these books I'll be able to borrow from my God-dad. I feel kind of repentent as I've had it since my birthday, which is the beginning of May, but have only just finished it. However he did loan me practically the whole series in one go which coerced me into reading them in a more condesed fashion than I'd planned.

I'm not sure if I think this book was brilliant or dreadful. It was certainly well written and contained large amounts of material for some characters I really love. However it essentially cut out some of my favourite characters, and in my honest opinion it had far too much cersei.

This book made me angry, a fact I think is primarily due to the fact that Cersei's chapters filled possibly 1/3 of the novel. I hate her schemeing. However the situations she sets up which are essentially doomed to failure as anyone can see, except her who thinks they make her some kind of genius. A fact which amuses me slightly.

The other factor which made me angry with this book is the general level of despair. It is beginning, at this point in the series, to me at least, to seem as though none of the characters may experience a happy ending. At first I thought it was interesting that you just can't tell who the next seemingly essential character to be killed off would be, and on some levels I still do. But I would personally like it for at least one character to come out of this novel with their own slice of 'happy-ever-after'. It's beginning to seem not justs improbable but impossible.

I am still hooked.

I will keep reading.


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